Data Science for AI and Machine Learning Using Python

Create a prosperous data science career

Data science has become integral to how organisations run and provide their services, it is commonly said that it is the most lucrative career path of the twenty-first century. 

Data science makes use of a range of tools, methodologies, scientific techniques, and algorithms to draw conclusions from both organised and unstructured data. Currently, educational institutions all around the globe are working hard to fulfil the rising need for data scientists. Before deciding which data science institution to choose, the information in this article will help you get acquainted with the fundamental data science curriculum.

Data science technology, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve complicated business challenges, is continually revolutionising the market. Advanced instruction in these technologies is concentrated at MSR EDUSOFT PVT LTD.

Our commitment to holistic growth is based on a solid foundation that values the integration of academic learning and hands-on experience. As a result, we are Hyderabad's top data science programme.

A data science programme is what?

Data science students are given all the knowledge they need to deal with different types of data and statistical data. Students will graduate from the programme with a thorough understanding of the many techniques, approaches, aptitudes, and tools required to deal with corporate data. Statistics, programming, algorithms, and other analytical topics are covered in depth in courses. Students are given education in the skills necessary to identify problems, come up with solutions, and contribute to making important decisions.

Students are adept at using a variety of data science job descriptions and are well-equipped to get employed by prestigious companies.


How does machine learning work?

A subfield of computer science called "machine learning" use formulas to mimic how people learn. It makes predictions and trains algorithms using statistical techniques. These forecasts get more precise with time.

The need for data scientists grows along with the growth of big data and the quantity of data available. One of the most in-demand data science talents is machine learning, which enables data scientists to improve software application predictions without explicitly programming them to do so.

The insights and forecasts provided by these algorithms, which analyse previous data to forecast output values, help organisations make wise choices.


Introduction to Python

What is Python? Why Python?


Features – Dynamic, Interpreted, Object oriented, Embeddable, Extensible, Large standard libraries, Free and Open source Why Python is General Language?

Limitations of Python

Python Language Fundamentals


Identifiers variables Data types Python VS JAVA Python Syntax


Arithmetic Operators Comparison Operators Python Assignment Operators Logical Operators

Bitwise Operators

Shift operators Membership Operators Identity Operator


What is string

Representation of Strings Processing elements using indexing. Processing elements using Iterators.

Manipulation of String using Indexing and Slicing.

String operators Methods of String object String Formatting. String functions String Immutability.

List Collection

What is List

Need of List collection Different ways of creating List List comprehension Processing elements of List through Indexing and Slicing

List object methods List is Mutable Mutable and Immutable elements of List Nested Lists List_of_lists


Tuple Collection

What is tuple?

Different ways of creating Tuple Method of Tuple object Tuple is Immutable

Mutable and Immutable elements of Tuple Process tuple through Indexing and Slicing List v/s Tuple

Set Collection

What is set?

Different ways of creating set Difference between list and set Accessing elements of set Python Set Methods

Python Set Operations Union of sets functions and methods of set Python Frozen set

Difference between set and frozenset ?


Dictionary Collection

What is dictionary?

Difference between list, set and dictionary

How to create a dictionary? Accessing values of dictionary Python Dictionary Methods Copying dictionary

Updating Dictionary

Reading keys from Dictionary Reading values from Dictionary Reading items from Dictionary Delete Keys from the dictionary Sorting the Dictionary

Python Dictionary Functions and methods



What is Function? Advantages of functions Syntax and Writing function Calling or Invoking function Classification of Functions Lambda functions/Anonymous functions

map() filter() reduce()

Non local variables, global variables


Python Modules

Importance of modular programming What is module

Types of Modules – Pre defined, User defined.

User defined modules creation Functions based modules Import module

From ... import



Procedural v/s Object oriented programming Principles of OOP – Encapsulation , Abstraction (Data Hiding)

Classes and Objects

How to define class in python

Types of variables – instance variables, class variables.

Types of methods – instance methods, class method, static method self’ reference variable Encapsulation(Data Binding) What is polymorphism?


i) Method overriding ii)Constructor overriding Overloading iii)Method Overloading iv)Constructor Overloading inheritance – single , multi level, multiple,

hierarchical and

hybrid inheritance and Diamond inheritance Constructors in inheritance

Object class super() Abstraction


Exception Handling

Types of Errors What is Exception?

Why exception handling? Syntax error v/s Runtime error Try with multi except

Handling multiple exceptions with single except block Finally block

Try-except-finally Try with finally Raise keyword

Custom exceptions / User defined exceptions Need to Custom exception


Introduction to Web Development

Overview of Web Development Understanding Web Browsers Web Development Languages

Setting up a Development Environment

HTML Basics

Introduction to HTML

HTML Elements and Attributes HTML Tags

HTML Forms


CSS Basics

Introduction to CSS CSS Selectors

CSS Properties and Values CSS Box Model


JavaScript Basics

Introduction to JavaScript

Variables, Data Types, and Operators Conditional statements

Functions and Objects


Web Development with Python

Python Web Frameworks

Integrating Databases into Web Applications Creating a Web Application with Python Deploying a Web Application


Numpy Module

Introduction to Numpy Arrays in Numpy

Indexing and Slicing in Numpy Basic Operations in Numpy Math Functions in Numpy Statistics in Numpy

Random Number Generation in Numpy


Pandas Module


Introduction to Pandas Series in Pandas DataFrames in Pandas Data Cleaning in Pandas

Data Manipulation in Pandas Data Aggregation in Pandas

Merging, Joining, and Concatenating DataFrames in Pandas






Introduction to Matplotlib Basic Plotting with Matplotlib Customizing Plots in Matplotlib Subplots in Matplotlib

Advanced Plotting with Matplotlib Saving Plots in Matplotlib


Machine Learning & Deep Learning & NLP Algoritms

Linear Regression Logistic Regression Decision Trees Random Forest Naive Bayes

K-Nearest Neighbors Support Vector Machines K-Means Clustering Neural Networks


OpenCV Basics

Introduction to OpenCV What is OpenCV?

Why use OpenCV? Installing OpenCV


Reading and Writing Images Loading and displaying images Saving images to disk


Basic Image Operations

Accessing and modifying pixel values Image resizing

Image cropping

Image flipping and rotating


Object Detection and Recognition Template matching

Object detection using Haar cascades


Image Segmentation Thresholding Contour detection Watershed algorithm


OpenCV Video Basics

Video Processing

Reading and writing videos Video streaming

Object tracking


ChatGPT/OpenAI integration


Introduction to OpenAI API Overview of OpenAI API Benefits of using OpenAI AP


Getting Started with OpenAI API Creating an OpenAI account Generating API keys Installing OpenAI API client


OpenAI API Models Available models

Choosing the right model for your task Model input and output formats


Text Generation with OpenAI API Using GPT-3 for text generation Fine-tuning GPT-3 for specific tasks

Generating text with various parameters



ChatGPT and OpenCV based Projects

  • DURATION: 4 Months

  • Industry Relevant With focus on employability
  • Career Support

  • Career Coaching, Job Fairs, Placement Support
  • Batch Start Date - Limited seat availability

  • Eligibility Criteria: Bachelor graduate or final year student



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