EEE Projects

M.Tech/ M.E ELECTRICAL SIMULATION 2020-2021 Projects List
1 A   Generalized   Carrier-Overlapped   PWM   Method   for   Neutral-Point   Clamped
Multilevel Converters
2 A Generalized Switched Inductor Cell Modular Multilevel Inverter 2020  
3 A Low-harmonic Control Method of Bi-directional Three-phase Z-source Converters
for Vehicle-to-Grid Applications
4 A Microgrid Based on Wind Driven DFIG, DG and Solar PV Array for Optimal Fuel
5 A New Step-Up Switched-Capacitor Voltage Balancing Converter for NPC
Multilevel Inverter-Based Solar PV System
6 A Single Input Variable FLC for DFIG Based WPGS in Standalone Mode 2020  
7 An Efficient Inductive Power Transfer Topology for Electric Vehicle Battery
8 Asymmetrical Triangular Current Mode (ATCM) for Bidirectional High Step Ratio
Modular Multilevel Dc–Dc Converter
9 Auto-Tuning  Proportional-Type  Synchronization  Algorithm  for  DC  Motor  Speed
Control Applications
10 Cascaded  Multilevel  Inverter  Based  Power  and  Signal  Multiplex  Transmission  for
Electric Vehicles
11 Cascaded  Multilevel  PV  Inverter  With  Improved  Harmonic  Performance  During
Power Imbalance Between Power Cells
12 Delta-Bar-Delta  Neural  Network  (NN)  Based  Control  Approach  for  Power  Quality
Improvement of Solar PV Interfaced Distribution System
13 Dual-T-Type Five-Level Cascaded Multilevel Inverter With Double Voltage Boosting
14 Five-level one-capacitor boost multilevel inverter 2020  
15 Generalized    Phase-Shift    PWM    for    Active-Neutral-Point-Clamped    Multilevel
16 Grid-Connected   Wind-Photovoltaic   Cogeneration   Using   Back-to-Back   Voltage
Source Converters
17 Hybrid cuckoo search algorithm and grey wolf optimiser-based optimal control
strategy for performance enhancement of HVDC-based offshore wind farms
18 Implementation  of  Solar  PV- Battery  and  Diesel  Generator  Based  Electric  Vehicle
Charging Station
19 Incremental Passivity Control in Multilevel Cascaded H-Bridge Converters 2020  
20 Integration of solar PV into grid using a new UPQC with differential inverter control 2020  
21 Mitigation of transient overvoltages in microgrid including PV arrays 2020  
22 Multilevel  Converters  with  Symmetrical  Half-Bridge  Submodules  and  Sensorless
Voltage Balance
23 Multilevel Single-Phase Converter with Two DC Links 2020  
24 Off-board electric vehicle battery charger using PV array 2020  
25 Power optimisation scheme of induction motor using FLC for electric vehicle 2020  
26 Self-Adjustable Step-Based Control Algorithm for Grid-Interactive Multifunctional
Single-Phase PV-Battery System Under Abnormal Grid Conditions
27 Sensorless SynRG Based Variable Speed Wind Generator and Single-stage Solar PV
Array Integrated Grid System with Maximum Power Extraction Capability
28 Single-phase boost DC-link integrated cascaded multilevel inverter for PV
29 Single-Phase Dual-Mode Interleaved Multilevel Inverter (DMIMI) for PV
30 Switched-capacitor multilevel inverter with self-voltage-balancing for high-frequency
power distribution system
31 Unbiased Circular Leakage Centered Adaptive Filtering Control for Power Quality
Improvement of Wind-Solar PV Energy Conversion System
32 ZPUC: A New Configuration of Single DC Source for Modular Multilevel Converter
(MMC) Applications
33 A Generalized Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduction of Total Standing
34 A New Asymmetric Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Components 2020  
35 A Novel High-Gain DC-DC Converter Applied in Fuel Cell Vehicles 2020  
36 A  Step-up  Multilevel  Inverter  Topology  using  Novel  Switched  Capacitor
Converters with Reduced Components
37 Adaptive  Control  of  Voltage  Source  Converter  Based  Scheme  for  Power
Quality Improved Grid-Interactive Solar PV- Battery System
38 An Experimental Estimation of Hybrid ANFIS–PSO-Based MPPT for PV Grid
Integration Under Fluctuating Sun Irradiance
39 Bidirectional  Buck-Boost  Current-Fed  Isolated  DC-DC  Converter  and  Its
40 Control  Algorithm  based  on  Limit  Cycle  Oscillator-FLL  for  UPQC-S  with
Optimized PI Gains
41 Enhanced  DVR  Control  System  based  on  the  Harris  Hawks  Optimization
42 Grid Synchronization of WEC-PV-BES Based Distributed Generation System
using Robust Control Strategy
43 High  Performance  Frequency  Converter  Controlled  Variable-Speed  Wind
Generator Using Linear-Quadratic Regulator Controller
44 Improved  Power  Quality  in  a  Solar  PV  Plant  Integrated  Utility  Grid  by
Employing a Novel Adaptive Current Regulator
45 Improving  Microgrid  Low-Voltage  Ride-Through  Capacity  Using  Neural
46 Nonisolated DC-DC Converters with Wide Conversion Range for High-Power
47 Power Quality Improvement in Solar Fed Cascaded Multilevel  Inverter  with
Output Voltage Regulation Techniques
48 PSO  optimized  PIDF  controller  for  Load-frequency  control  of  A.C  Multi-
Islanded-Micro grid system
49 Single-Stage PV-Grid Interactive Induction Motor Drive with Improved Flux
Estimation Technique for Water Pumping with Reduced Sensors
50 Switched Capacitor Integrated (2n+1)-Level Step-up Single-Phase Inverter 2020  


M.Tech/ M.E ELECTRICAL SIMULATION 2019-2020 Projects List
01 Power Factor Correction of Three-Phase PWM AC Chopper Fed Induction Motor
Drive System Using HBCC Technique.
02 A  Power  Electronic  Traction  Transformer  Configuration  with  Low-Voltage
IGBTs for Onboard Traction Application.
03 Carrier-Based  Digital  PWM  and  Multirate  Technique  of  a  Cascaded  H-Bridge
Converter for Power Electronic Traction Transformers.
04 Operation  Analysis  and  A  Game  Theoretic  Approach  to  Dynamic  Hybrid
Compensator for the V/v Traction System.
05 Coordination  of  MMCs  With  Hybrid  DC  Circuit  Breakers  for  HVDC  Grid
06 A New Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduce Switch Count. 2019  
07 A  Novel  Multilevel  DC/AC  Inverter  Based  on  Three-Level  Half  Bridge  With
Voltage Vector Selecting Algorithm
08 A Novel Sub module Voltage Balancing Scheme for Modular Multilevel Cascade
Converter—Double-Star Chopper-Cells (MMCC-DSCC) Based STATCOM.
09 A  Single-Phase  Transformer-Based  Cascaded  Asymmetric  Multilevel  Inverter
With Balanced Power Distribution.
10 Active power decoupling and controlling for single-phase FACTS device. 2019  
11 Analysis of Logic Gates for Generation of Switching Sequence in Symmetric and
Asymmetric Reduced Switch Multilevel Inverter.
12 Design  and  Hardware  Implementation  Considerations  of  Modified  Multilevel
Cascaded H-Bridge Inverter for Photovoltaic System
13 Direct  Model  Predictive  Control  of  Novel  H-Bridge  Multilevel  Inverter  Based
Grid-Connected Photovoltaic System.
14 Fuel  cell  integrated  unified  power  quality  conditioner  for  voltage  and  current
reparation in four-wire distribution grid.
15 Grid-tied  single  source  quasi-Z-source  cascaded  multilevel  inverter  for  PV
16 Low  Switching  Frequency  Based  Asymmetrical  Multilevel  Inverter  Topology
With Reduced Switch Count.
17 Optimal Design of a New Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced
Switch Count.
18 Switch Ladder Modified H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter With Novel Pulse Width
Modulation Technique.
19 Role of Outage Management Strategy in Reliability Performance of Multi-Micro
grid Distribution Systems.
20 Improved Coordinated Control Strategy for Hybrid STATCOM Using Required
Reactive Power Estimation Method.
21 Fault tolerant single-phase capacitor start capacitor run induction motor powered
with cascaded multilevel quasi impedance source inverter.
22 Coordination control of positive and negative sequence voltages of cascaded H-
bridge STATCOM operating under imbalanced grid voltage.
23 Control and operation of the MMC-based drive with reduced capacitor voltage
24 Application of UPFC to mitigate SSR in series compensated wind farms 2019  
25 A   Unified   Power   Flow   Controller   Using   a   Power   Electronics   Integrated
26 A 13-levels Module (K-Type) with two DC sources for Multilevel Inverters 2019  
27 A Boost Type Nine-Level Switched Capacitor Inverter 2019  
28 A  Hybrid  9-level,  1-ϕ  Grid  Connected  Multi  Level  Inverter  with  Low  Switch Count   and   Innovative   Voltage   Regulation   Techniques   Across   Auxiliary
29 A Multi-Cell Cascaded High Frequency Link Inverter with Soft-Switching and
30 A new pulse active width modulation (PAWM) for multilevel converters. 2019  
31 A new standby structure integrated with boost PFC converter for Server Power
32 A   Novel   Bidirectional   T-type   Multilevel   Inverter   for   Electric   Vehicle
33 A Novel Nine-Level Quadruple Boost Inverter with Inductive-load Ability. 2019  
34 A  Novel  Step-Up  Single  Source  Multilevel  Inverter:  Topology,  Operating
Principle and Modulation.
35 A Second-Order Volterra Filter Based Control of Solar PV-DSTATCOM System
to Achieve Lyapunov’s Stability
36 A Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation (SPWM) Technique for Capacitor Voltage
Balancing of Nested T-Type Four-Level Inverter.
37 Analysis,   Design   and   Control   of   Switching   Capacitor   Based   Buck-Boost
38 Compact Switched Capacitor Multilevel Inverter (CSCMLI) With Self Voltage
Balancing and Boosting Ability.
39 Coordination control of positive and negative sequence voltages of cascaded H-
bridge STATCOM operating under imbalanced grid voltage.
40 Cross-Switched Multilevel Inverter using Novel Switched Capacitor Converters. 2019  
41 Dual P-Q Theory based Energy Optimized Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Power
Quality Improvement in Distribution System
42 Dual Role CDSC based Dual Vector Control for Effective Operation of DVR with
Harmonic Mitigation
43 Dual-T-Type   Seven-Level   Boost   Active-Neutral   Point-Clamped   (DTT-7L-
BANPC) Inverter
44 Effect of cascade STATCOM on stabilizing voltage in high voltage direct current 2019  
45 Enhancement   of   Solar   Farm   Connectivity   with   Smart   PV   Inverter   PV-
46 Extended Topology for Boost DC-DC Converter. 2019  
47 Family of Multiport Switched-Capacitor Multilevel Inverters for High Frequency
AC Power Distribution
48 Flexible Transformer Based Multilevel Inverter Topologies 2019  
49 Framework of Gradient Descent Least Squares Regression Based NN Structure for  Power  Quality  Improvement  in  PV  Integrated  Low-Voltage  Weak  Grid
50 High-Efficiency Bidirectional Buck-Boost Converter for Photovoltaic and Energy
Storage Systems in a Smart Grid
51 Implementation of Immune Feedback Control Algorithm for Distribution Static
52 Low-Capacitance Statcom with Modular Inductive Filter 2019  
53 Model   Predictive   Control   of   Multilevel   CHB   STATCOM   in   Wind   Farm
Application Using Diophantine Equations
54 Model Predictive Controller with Reduced Complexity for Grid Tied Multilevel
55 PNKLMF  Based  Neural  Network  Control  and  Learning  based  HC  MPPT Technique  for  Multi-Objective  Grid  Integrated  Solar  PV  Based  Distributed
Generating System
56 Power  Quality  Improvement  and  PV  Power  Injection  by  DSTATCOM  with
Variable DC Link Voltage Control from RSC-MLC.
57 Protection of Sensitive Loads Using Sliding Mode Controlled Three-Phase DVR
With Adaptive Notch Filter.
58 Real-Time Validation of a Sliding Mode Controller for Closed-Loop Operation of
Reduced Switch Count Multilevel Inverters
59 Single  Stage  SECS  Interfaced  with  Grid  Using  ISOGI-FLL  Based  Control
60 SSO of DFIG-based wind farm integrated by a hybrid series compensator. 2019  
61 Stability Analysis for the Grid-Connected Single Phase Asymmetrical Cascaded
Multilevel Inverter with SRF-PI Current Control under Weak Grid Conditions
62 Switched-Boost Action Based Multi-port Converter. 2019  
63 Switched-Capacitor Based Single Source Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter
Featuring Boosting Ability
64 Unbalanced and Reactive Load Compensation using MMCC-based SATCOMs
with Third Harmonic Injection.
1 Standalone Photovoltaic  WMSRer  Pumping  System  Using  Induction  Motor Drive with Reduced Sensors 2018
2 A Novel Design of Hybrid Energy Storage System for Electric Vehicles 2018
3 Single Stage PV Array Fed Speed Sensor less Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive for WMSRer Pumping. 2018
4 Design and Performance Analysis of Three-Phase Solar PV IntegrMSRed UPQC. 2018
5 A    New    H-Bridge    Hybrid    Modular    Converter    (HBHMC)    for    HVDC ApplicMSRion: OperMSRing Modes, Control and Voltage Balancing 2018
6 Rectifier Load Analysis for Electric Vehicle Wireless Charging System. 2018
7 Development of a Bidirectional DC/DC Converter with Dual-BMSRtery Energy Storage for Hybrid Electric Vehicle System. 2018
8 An  Improved   DC-Link   Voltage   Control   StrMSRegy   for   Grid   Connected Converters. 2018
9 Design  and  ImplementMSRion  of  Active  Power  Control  with  Improved  P&O Method for Wind PV-BMSRtery based Standalone GenerMSRion System 2018
10 Single-stage  ZETA-SEPIC-based  multifunctional  integrMSRed  converter  for plugin electric vehicles 2018
11 Modeling, Design,  Control,  and  ImplementMSRion  of  a  Modified  Z-source IntegrMSRed PV/Grid/EV DC Charger/Inverter 2018
12 A  Simple  Active  and  Reactive  Power  Control  for  ApplicMSRions  of  Single- Phase Electric Springs 2018
13 UDE-Based Current Control StrMSRegy for LCCL-Type Grid-Tied Inverters 2018
14 A New  Design  Method  of  an  LCL  Filter  Applied  in  Active  DC-Traction SubstMSRions 2018
15 A  Very  High  Resolution  Stacked  Multilevel  Inverter  Topology  for  Adjustable Speed Drives 2018
16 ImplementMSRion  and  Comparison  of  Symmetric  and  Asymmetric  Multilevel Inverters for Dynamic Loads 2018
17 ReconfigurMSRion  of  NPC  Multilevel  Inverters  to  MitigMSRe  Short  Circuit Faults Using Back-to-Back Switches 2018
18 Irradiance-adaptive PV Module IntegrMSRed Converter for High Efficiency and Power Quality in Standalone and DC Microgrid ApplicMSRions 2018
19 Dual-function  PV-ECS  integrMSRed  to  3P4W  distribution  grid  using  3M-PLL control for active power transfer and power quality improvement. 2018
20 ZSI for PV systems with LVRT capability. 2018
21 Crisscross switched multilevel inverter using cascaded semi-half-bridge cells 2018
22 Single-phase  hybrid  cascaded  H-bridge  and  diode-clamped  multilevel  inverter with capacitor voltage balancing 2018
23 Control  of  Solar  Photovoltaic  IntegrMSRed  Universal  Active  Filter  Based  on Discrete Adaptive Filter 2018
24 A  Buck  &  Boost  based  Grid  Connected  PV  Inverter  Maximizing  Power  Yield from Two PV Arrays in MismMSRched Environmental Conditions 2018
25 A Grid Connected Single Phase Transformerless Inverter Controlling Two Solar PV Arrays OperMSRing under Different MSRmospheric Conditions 2018
26 Single-phase    multilevel    inverter    topologies    with    self-voltage    balancing capabilities 2018
27 A Three-Phase Symmetrical DC-Link Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of DC Sources 2018
28 A    Bridge    Modular    Switched-Capacitor-Based    Multilevel    Inverter    With Optimized SPWM Control Method And Enhanced Power-Decoupling Ability 2018
29 Single-Phase Modified Quasi-Z-Source Cascaded Hybrid Five-Level Inverter 2018
30 Improved  control  algorithm  for  grid  connected  cascaded  H-bridge  photovoltaic inverters under asymmetric operMSRing conditions 2018
31 Power-decoupling of  a  Multi-port  IsolMSRed  Converter  for  an  Electrolytic- capacitorless Multi-level Inverter. 2018
32 VerificMSRion   of   a   low   Components   Nine-Level   Cascaded-Transformer Multilevel Inverter in Grid Tie Mode. 2018
33 Power management in PV-bMSRtery-hydro based standalone microgrid 2018
34 Hybrid  Cascaded  Multilevel  Inverter  (HCMLI)  with  Improved  Symmetrical  4- Level Submodule 2018
35 Single-Stage  Switched-Capacitor   Module   (S3CM)   Topology   for   Cascaded Multilevel Inverter 2018
36 CombinMSRion  Analysis  and  Switching  Method  of  a  Cascaded  H-Bridge
Multilevel Inverter Based on Transformers With the Different Turns RMSRio for Increasing the Voltage Level
37 Research on the Unbalanced CompensMSRion of Delta-connected Cascaded H- bridge Multilevel SVG 2018
38 Autonomous Power Management for Interlinked AC-DC Microgrids 2018
39 Multi-Input  Switched-Capacitor  Multilevel   Inverter   for  High-Frequency  AC Power Distribution 2018
40 Phase Shifted  Carrier  Based  Synchronized  Sinusoidal  PWM  Techniques  for Cascaded H-Bridge Multi Level Inverter 2018
41 Autonomous   Power   Control    and   Management   Between   Standalone    DC Microgrids 2018
42 Soft Switched  Interleaved  DC/DC  Converter  as  front-end  of  Multi  Inverter Structure for Micro Grid ApplicMSRions 2018
43 Dynamic Power Management and Control of PV PEM fuel Cell based Standalone AC/DC Microgrid Using Hybrid Energy Storage 2018
44 ISOGI-Q Based Control Algorithm for Single Stage Grid Tied SPV System 2018
45 An Improved ModulMSRed Carrier Control with On-Time Doublers for Single- Phase Shunt Active Power Filter 2018
46 An f-P/Q Droop Control in Cascaded-Type Microgrid 2018
47 Three-Phase  Transformer-less  Shunt  Active  Power  Filter  with  Reduced  Switch Count for Harmonic CompensMSRion in Grid-Connected ApplicMSRions 2018
48 Control of a Three-Phase Hybrid Converter for a PV Charging StMSRion 2018


49 Reduced carrier  PWM  scheme  with  unified  logical  expressions  for  reduced switch count multilevel inverters 2018  
50 A Novel Hybrid Modular Three-Level Shunt Active Power Filter 2018  
51      GaN Based Transformer-less Microinverter with Coupled Inductor Interleaved
Boost andHalf Bridge Voltage Swing Inverter
52            Sensorless  parameter  estimMSRion  and currentsharing strMSRegy in  two-
phase  andmultiphase IPOP DAB DC–DC converters
53     Design and Control of Micro-Grid fed by Renewable Energy GenerMSRing Sources
54     Transformer-less dynamic voltage restorer based on a three-leg ac/ac converter
55  An  Improved  Current-Limiting  StrMSRegy  for  Shunt  Active  Power  Filter
(SAPF)  UsingParticle Swarm OptimizMSRion (PSO) 2018
56  Transformerless Z-Source Four-Leg PV Inverter with Leakage Current Reduction 2018 .
57  Ensuring Power Quality and Stability in Industrial and Medium Voltage Public
Grids 2018 .58  A BL-CSC converter fed BLDC motor drive with power factor
correction 2018 .
59  Dual-Buck AC–AC Converter with Inverting and Non-Inverting OperMSRions 2018 .
60      Self-tuned fuzzy-proportional–integral compensMSRed zero/minimum active
poweralgorithm based dynamic voltage restorer 2018 IET
61       Modeling,    ImplementMSRion    and    Performance    Analysis    of    a    Grid-
ConnectedPhotovoltaic/Wind Hybrid Power System 2018 .
62  Standalone Photovoltaic WMSRer Pumping  System Using Induction Motor Drive
WithReduced Sensors 2018 .
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